Build Your Own Training

  • How it works

    Working with an Employment Law & HR consultant, you can design your own bespoke, in-house training course to address a defined need in your business. Our highly flexible training modules let you easily ‘mix and match’ topics to fit your needs.

    Course Content

    Select from the range of topics below to build your own training days. Each module lasts between 90 and 120 minutes.

    90-minute Team Build

    Learn how to refocus and re-energise an established work team, covering:
    • Team matrix – our qualities (pre-work activity)
    • Team activities – how we work together?
    • Traffic lights – good, okay, not so good?
    • Feedback and review
    • Next steps – team action plan

    Appraisal Skills

    Learn how to run a motivational performance review meeting, covering:
    • The performance appraisal cycle
    • Common problems and solutions
    • Structuring the review session
    • Key appraisal and review skills
    • Skills practice


    Learn how to apply the techniques of assertive behaviour.
    • The behaviour triangle
    • The 3 golden rules
    • Rights and assertiveness
    • Levels of assertion
    • Handling difficult situations and people

    Building Positive Relationships

    Learn how to flex communication to enhance relationships with others.
    • The communication-style model
    • Identifying your own style preferences
    • Style strengths and limitations
    • Recognising opportunities for conflict
    • Flexing style to enhance communication

    Building Your Team

    Learn how to apply the secrets of building a high-performing team, covering:
    • So what makes a great team?
    • P.E.R.F.O.R.M. – characteristics in all top teams
    • Impact of team dynamics
    • Team roles and the teamwork cycle
    • The 7C’s for all team leaders

    Business Planning Tools

    Learn how to apply some proven models for strategic planning and decision making.
    • Pros and cons in your business planning?
    • Applying structure – clarify key issues; reduce complexity
    • Finding order in chaos – the wood through the trees
    • Useful analysis and planning models
    • Practice applying the techniques

    Challenging Conversations

    Learn how to confidently tackle those discussions that you dread, covering:
    • Features of challenging conversations
    • The 6 coping strategies
    • Closed v open approaches?
    • Climb down your ladder!
    • Applying techniques to your own situations


    Learn how to sharpen and structure your on-job coaching skills, covering:
    • Coaching: what, why, how, when and who?
    • Spotting coaching opportunities
    • The coaching process
    • Key coaching skills
    • Skills practice

    Communication Skills

    Learn how to communicate effectively face-to-face with others, covering:
    • The communication process
    • Identifying common problems
    • Principles for effective communication
    • Key face-to-face communication skills
    • Skills practice

    Coping with Change

    Learn how to enhance your resilience in responding to change.
    • Your views about change?
    • Comfort zones
    • How people typically react to change
    • Your change style profile
    • 10 strategies for coping with change

    Dealing with ‘Difficult’ People

    Learn how to positively handle those difficult people in your life, covering:
    • Why do we find some people ‘difficult’?
    • The impact of our beliefs
    • The OK Corral
    • The 7 classic difficult types
    • L.E.A.P.S. model for responding effectively


    Learn how to develop your delegation skills and technique, covering:
    • Self-assessment: how am I doing?
    • Delegation – benefits and pitfalls
    • The 5 key steps
    • The 4 levels of delegation
    • Opportunities – what to delegate?

    Developing Management Style

    Learn how to extend your approach to managing others, covering:
    • What’s it like being managed by you?
    • Your task-people orientation
    • Identifying your management style
    • Recognising when to use different styles
    • M.B.W.A. – managing by walking around

    Developing Resilience

    Learn how to build your capacity to cope and recover from problems, challenges and setbacks.
    • Quiz – how resilient are you?
    • Resilience v resistance
    • Key characteristics of resilient people
    • 10 ways to build your resilience
    • Identifying personal actions

    Developing Your People

    Learn how to build a structured plan for developing your team, covering:
    • Manager as developer: how do you rate?
    • Identifying development needs
    • Recognising development solutions
    • Creating a structured plan
    • Monitoring and reviewing progress

    Difficult or Complaining Customers

    Learn how to handle unhappy customers – both face-to-face and over the phone.
    • Beware the silent customer!
    • Top reasons why customers complain
    • The ‘FIRSTCLASS’ approach to resolving issues
    • Remaining composed and confident
    • Skills practice

    Diversity Awareness

    Learn how to recognise and embrace the value of diversity at work.
    • What is diversity and equality?
    • The same difference
    • The 6 strands of equality
    • Prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination
    • Practical activities

    Emotional Intelligence

    Learn how to recognise and manage emotions in yourself and others, covering:
    • Self-analysis: your E.I. profile
    • What is emotional intelligence?
    • The emotionally intelligent leader
    • 5 steps to develop emotional intelligence
    • How to apply E.I. to any situation

    Face-to-Face Service Skills

    Learn how to create a great first impression and connect with your customers
    • First impressions
    • Welcoming your customers – the 6 essentials
    • Positive communication and body language
    • Connecting with your customers
    • Skills practice


    Learn how to deliver effective performance feedback, covering:
    • The 4 types of feedback
    • Activity: the feedback loop
    • Hallmarks of good and poor feedback
    • Model for constructive feedback
    • Skills practice

    Handle your Stress

    Learn how to recognise and deal with your stressors at work.
    • Stress or pressure?
    • Primary causes and symptoms of stress
    • The 5 personality drivers and stress
    • Your support network
    • Practical coping strategies

    Handling Conflict

    Learn how to recognise and handle conflict with others.
    • Conflict and you
    • The 5 main sources
    • The impact of values and ‘triggers’
    • 5 options for responding to conflict
    • Useful tools and techniques

    How Effective Is Your Team?

    Learn how to enhance the performance of your team, covering:
    • Team effectiveness profile (pre-work activity)
    • The 4 critical areas for all teams
    • How we’re doing – strengths and limitations?
    • Overcoming team blockages
    • Agreeing practical team actions


    Learn how to develop your personal influence with others, covering:
    • What influences you?
    • Influence activity
    • Power and influence
    • The 4C styles of influence
    • Actions: your circles of influence

    Internal Service & Teamwork

    Learn how to work together as a team to deliver service excellence.
    • Teamwork – the internal service chain
    • The good, the bad and the best
    • The 3C’s of internal service
    • Your service roadblocks
    • Identifying service improvements

    Introduction to Management

    Learn how to be an effective manager from day one, covering:
    • What managers (are supposed) to do
    • Action centred leadership
    • Common mistakes of new managers
    • The importance of being ‘authentic’
    • Identifying personal actions

    It’s Your Appraisal

    Learn how to get the best from your appraisal review, covering:
    • Appraisal – your hopes and concerns?
    • Taking a proactive approach
    • Actions checklist – before, during and after
    • Receiving and giving feedback


    Learn how to develop and adapt your leadership style, covering:
    • Personal experiences
    • Manager or leader?
    • What’s my style?
    • Payoffs and penalties
    • Developing leadership flexibility

    Managing Absence

    Learn how to achieve and maintain positive attendance at work, covering:
    • The impact on productivity?
    • Holding a return to work interview
    • Sensitively uncovering reasons for absence
    • Spotting the early warning signs
    • Skills practice

    Managing Change

    Learn how to plan and manage change successfully, covering:
    • Change and the key business drivers
    • Case study – managing change
    • The 3 responses to change
    • The change-reaction curve
    • Do’s and don’ts of managing change

    Managing Meetings

    Learn how to hold effective and productive meetings, covering:
    • The meetings you’re involved in?
    • Experiences of meetings
    • The true cost of a meeting?
    • Common meeting nightmares
    • A.P.P.L.E. – planning effective meetings

    Managing People

    Learn how to effectively manage the different people in your team, covering:
    • Key challenges in managing people?
    • Performance and potential
    • The stars, steadies, supporters and slackers
    • How to get the best from your people
    • Applying principles to your own team

    Managing Performance

    Learn how to achieve results and deal with under-performance, covering:
    • Performance – what good looks like?
    • The skill-will matrix
    • 4 reasons for under-performance
    • How to raise the performance issue
    • The ‘set-up-to-fail’ syndrome

    Ownership Management (time management/delegation)

    Learn how to spot the ‘monkeys’ and expand your discretionary time, covering:
    • Your management style and monkey
    • What is a ‘monkey’?
    • Where your management time goes
    • The 4 rules of monkey management
    • Monkey spotting – becoming savvy

    Motivating Others

    Learn how to create the conditions for your people to succeed, covering:
    • The last 10 days – motivation and you
    • Your motivation formula?
    • Key motivators at work
    • 6 principles for motivating others
    • Applying the principles to your team


    Learn how to negotiate effective outcomes with others.
    • Everything is negotiable?
    • The negotiation arena
    • Negotiation exercise
    • Your negotiator profile
    • Skills practice

    Personal Effectiveness

    Learn how to apply the 7 habits of highly effective people.
    • The 7 habits – overview
    • Proactivity, planning and prioritising
    • Building win-win relationships
    • Staying sharp and balanced
    • Actions to develop your effectiveness?

    Planning & Organising

    Learn how to develop and implement effective plans, covering:
    • Planning – measure twice, cut once!
    • Key stages in effective planning
    • Useful planning tools and techniques
    • Monitoring and contingency planning
    • Planning exercise

    Recruiting for Service

    Learn how to identify and select customer service stars.
    • The DNA of a great service provider?
    • Preparation – defining what you need
    • Questions to reveal service excellence
    • Assessing candidate capability and potential
    • Interview practice

    Running Effective 1-1 Reviews

    Learn how to deliver productive informal review sessions, covering:
    • The benefits of ongoing 1-1 reviews
    • Common manager mistakes
    • The 3-step review structure
    • Key reviewer skills
    • Case studies – applying the skills

    Selection Interviewing

    Learn how to conduct professional interviews and select the right person, covering:
    • The cost of getting it wrong?
    • Ready – getting yourself prepared
    • Set – structuring the interview
    • Go – leading the discussion
    • Assessing candidate performance

    Setting Goals & Objectives

    Learn how to identify and create powerful goals and objectives, covering:
    • Goal setting – benefits and myths
    • Goals v objectives?
    • Writing powerful objectives
    • Applying techniques to your own team
    • Manager’s role – support and challenge

    Successful Face-to-Face Selling

    Learn how to drive sales by delivering great service to your customers…
    • Understanding the sales background
    • Questioning – customer needs and wants
    • USP’s for your products and services
    • Tactics for closing the sale
    • Adding extra value

    Team Briefing

    Learn how to develop and deliver great team briefing sessions, covering:
    • The need for effective team briefing
    • The 4P’s – team brief content
    • Structure of the briefing session
    • Encouraging feedback and involvement
    • Practice applying the skills

    Telephone Skills

    Learn how to confidently handle telephone contact with your customers.
    • The 8 great telephone hates
    • Powerful greetings and closings
    • Handling calls – on hold; transferring; signposting
    • W.A.R.M. – taking control of your calls
    • Skills practice

    The 80/20 Principle

    Learn how to achieve extraordinary results without extraordinary effort.
    • The 80/20 phenomenon
    • Challenging conventional wisdom
    • Just one day per week?
    • Uncovering the vital few in the trivial many
    • Taking 80/20 action

    The Customer Service Game

    An interactive team-based exercise to either introduce or review the key service principles covered in these sessions.
    • Introducing the session
    • Playing the customer service game in teams
    • Overcoming the common service pitfalls
    • Highlighting and sharing best practice tips
    • Identifying next steps

    The Engaging Manager

    Learn how to apply the key drivers and actively engage your people, covering:
    • Engagement – what and why?
    • The 3 levels of engagement
    • Rules of engagement for managers
    • The 8C’s – the employee’s perspective
    • Identifying practical actions

    Time Management

    Learn how to effectively manage your time and priorities.
    • Time – the most valuable resource?
    • Self-analysis: 5P’s of time management
    • Handling common time stealers
    • Managing your priorities
    • Practical tips and techniques

    Winning & Keeping Customers

    Learn how to be the kind of person customers like to buy from.
    • Something to think about!
    • The greatest business secret in the world
    • The ‘better than selling’ principle
    • The only 2 things customers ever buy
    • 5 sure-fire ways to keep them coming back

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