Online Healthcheck

  • Employment Law

    If you were to make changes to your business that affected your employees' jobs, pay or working hours do you know what rights your employees have?

    Do you have policies in place to deal with employees' absence?

    Are you sure that all of your employees have the legal right to work for your business?

    Do you have a process to ensure that your employment policies and practices are up to date and legally compliant?


    Health & Safety

    Does your business have a written, signed and dated health & safety policy?

    Do your health & safety policies help you to maximise efficiency and minimise risk?

    Have you completed and documented your fire risk assessment?

    Are your employees fully trained and competent to safely carry out their work activities?



    Can you demonstrate the commitments made in your environmental policy when tendering for new contracts?

    Do you have policies and procedures in place to ensure compliance with environmental legislation?

    Have you completed an environmental risk assessment?

    Do you have an Environmental Management System in place to maximise efficiency and minimise risk?



    Have you given consideration to how your business would pay for any employment tribunal awards, fines or legal costs?