Burrow Farm

When a small business expands, it often finds its employment responsibilities increase substantially. Help is at hand.

Burrow Farm has been supplying award-winning beef at its farm shop and farmers markets since 2007, but when it took over a traditional butchers shop, it went from being a small enterprise to being an employer.

Consumers want to know where their food comes from providing businesses like Burrow Farm, which sells beef reared and prepared on its own premises, with a unique opportunity.

Owners Sally and Neil Grigg saw the butchers shop was up for sale in nearby Exeter and recognised that it could allow them to bring their Red Ruby Devon beef, as well as other locally-sourced meats and deli foods, to a larger customer base.

Responsibilities grow too

The purchase has changed their business and their responsibilities, and with it their need for expert employment law and health & safety advice.

“The takeover of the shop represented a doubling of our turnover, and responsibility for six new employees,” Sally explains.

“We hadn’t employed anyone before so we needed help to create employment contracts and other employment documentation, and ensure we had the right health & safety processes and training in place.

“Without Mentor services we would have struggled to know where to start. The service has provided us with great peace of mind as we know we’re legally covered as long as we follow their advice.”

Keep on top of paperwork

Sally says the service has been adaptable to the unique needs of the business. “The Mentor advice service helped us with the contract for our apprentice butcher and the MentorLive website has all the HR templates you need,” she says.

Mentor's online training is a convenient way to update staff knowledge. “We’ve found that sending staff into the office for half an hour to complete a health & safety module is so convenient,” she adds.

“Mentor services have given us a head start in our new business and enabled us to comply with employment law & HR and health & safety regulations from the outset.”

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