JKN Polymers

JKN Polymers has been using recycled plastics to manufacture man-holes, for utilities companies since 1992, using unique, patented manufacturing technique.

Sourcing its post-consumer plastic from Germany, the firm’s recycled materials arrive in a mix of plastics, with each batch processed differently.

Managing this process takes years of experience, which means that, while some staff can be quickly trained in-house to use machinery, retaining key, qualified staff with experience is crucial for the business.

JKN Polymers has worked with Mentor services since the 1990s to ensure it has all the correct employment law and health & safety advice, documentation and processes in place. 

It has also found that Mentor’s support in dealing with an ever-increasing claims culture provides valuable protection for the business as it, and its assets, have grown.

Director Mokhtar Kourgli explains: “This is an industry where the potential for tribunal claims is very high. Mentor services are different as their people are willing to put their money where their mouth is – we have faith in the advice they provide.”

Mokhtar initially took Mentor’s health & safety service, which helped to put the right systems in place. “We then took the employment law & HR service, which has enabled us to get the correct paper trail in place. 

“We have since successfully managed three court cases,” he adds. “The advice from the people at Mentor is cautious and disciplined; they don’t necessarily provide ‘quick fixes’. Their service continues to offer good value, which is important as cash flow is always a consideration.”

Mokhtar can deal with the same contact whenever he calls Mentor. “This is refreshing, as it means we don’t have to start over each time we call, but just update them on most recent events,” he enthuses.

“I’ve found that just being with Mentor has deterred staff from trying to make a claim as they know we have everything in good order. Nine out of ten times, it’s all about the paper trail. We believe in Mentor and follow their guidance because for us, they have always been right.

“Mentor’s services are also great value for money because they offer additional indemnity protection. As employment regulations are constantly changing, we see Mentor as a long-term partner which we cannot do without.”

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