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    If you were not completely happy with our service, we'd like to hear about it - that way, we can do something to put it right. At Mentor we do everything we can to make sure our customers get the best possible service. However, sometimes, we don't get things right first time.

    When that happens, we always encourage you to tell us about your complaint, so that we can correct the matter.

    We want to:

    • make it easy for you to tell us about your complaint
    • give your complaint the attention it deserves
    • resolve your complaint without delay
    • make sure you are satisfied with how your complaint was resolved

    The following explains what to do if you have a complaint about the service that you receive from Mentor. It also tells you how quickly we will deal with your complaint and who to contact if you are not completely satisfied with our response.

    How and where to complain

    If you're not satisfied with any aspect of our service or products, you can tell us about your complaint in the following ways:

    In writing to:

    Mentor Complaints Centre
    1st Floor, 10 Brindley Place
    Birmingham, B1 2TZ
    Tel: 0345 835 0035

    By telephone on:
    0800 634 7001 (Minicom 0800 634 7008)

    By e-mail:
    Please complete the contact us boxes at the bottom of this page. Please note that additional personal information should not be included in this message for security reasons. We will respond by telephone or in writing for the same reason.

    How long will it take?

    We aim to resolve your complaint straight away. However, if we have not been able to do so within one week, we will write to tell you:

    • why we have not yet resolved your complaint
    • who is dealing with your complain
    • when we will contact you again

    In most cases, complaints are dealt with within two weeks. If your complaint is particularly complex, it may take longer to resolve.

    We will contact you regularly until your complaint has been resolved.

    If together we can’t reach agreement

    If, together we cannot reach an acceptable resolution to your complaint within eight weeks, we will send you a letter giving our reasons for the delay and an indication of when we expect to provide a resolution.


    Issue our final response letter, which will explain our final position. At this stage you will receive a leaflet explaining your referral rights to the Financial Ombudsman Service if your complaint is one that is eligible for referral to them.

    The Financial Ombudsman Service is an independent organisation. They look to sort out complaints that customers and financial businesses haven’t been able to resolve between themselves. If you want to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service, you’ll need to do so within six months of receiving our final response letter. To find out more about the service visit

    You can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service by writing to:

    The Financial Ombudsman Service
    South Quay Plaza
    183 Marsh Wall
    E14 9SR

    Alternatively, you can phone them on 0800 023 4567.

    The right to arbitration for complaints relating to the contract of insurance

    You have the right to refer any disagreement between you and us to arbitration. The arbitrator will be a solicitor or a barrister or another suitably qualified person that you and we agree on. If we cannot agree, the arbitrator will be nominated by the president of the Law Society (or other similar organisation) for the part of the Territorial Limits whose law governs the insurance policy. The arbitrator's award shall be binding on you and us. Whoever loses the arbitration will pay for all costs and costs of the arbitrator.

    Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Platform   

    Alternatively, if your complaint relates to a product or service purchased online, you can contact the European Commission using their Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform.

    The ODR platform, primarily aimed at European Union (EU) cross-border disputes, is designed to help consumers resident in the EU get access to dispute resolution if they remain unhappy with the response they have received from a trader established in the EU.

    To use the ODR platform you will need the following information:

    Please note that under current rules the European Commission will ultimately redirect your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) therefore you may prefer to contact us or the FOS directly in the first instance regarding your complaint.