Manage and resolve your employees’ grievances

Help avoid time consuming and costly employment tribunals

Promote a healthy grievance culture your staff understand

Reduce impact on workplace morale and productivity

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Manage and resolve your employees' grievance
Your grievance policies and procedures, sorted

Your grievance policies and procedures, sorted

An employee has made a formal complaint. Do you know how to handle this so you’re compliant with the latest employment laws? Let us help.
At Mentor, we could:

  • create your grievance policies from scratch
  • review and update your existing grievance policies so they comply with any changes in the law
  • assign you a case manager to help manage and resolve any grievances quickly and easily
  • give you onsite support when dealing with more complex grievances
  • implement user-friendly and compliant grievance procedures to help you tackle complaints on your own, without bias
  • identify any unacceptable or unlawful gaps in your current approach to grievances
Train your team on how to handle grievances

Train your team on how to handle grievances

Our instructor-led training and e-Learning modules give you the practical skills and techniques needed to effectively manage and resolve your workplace grievances.

By your side every step of the way

Helpline and webchat

Helpline and webchat

With unlimited calls and webchat, get in touch whenever you need us.

Dedicated account support

Dedicated account support

Benefit from your own grievance expert who will guide you from start to finish.

    • 100,000 cases dealt with annually
    • 20,000 businesses supported
    • 25 years' experience
    • 100 qualified experts

Value your people.

Think Mentor.

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Access help and advice from our team of experts with unlimited calls and webchat, dedicated account management and optional legal protection. Plus, full digital access.


Build a bespoke plan tailored to your business needs.

*Some Mentor services incur a cost.
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