Engineering a safer workplace

A health and safety audit has helped specialist training provider Engineering Real Results provide better protection for its staff.

16 February 2018

Managing crowd safety

The tragic death of Olivia Burt, a student from Durham University who was recently crushed to death outside a nightclub in the city, poses questions about the obligations businesses have to ensure the health and safety of customers as well as workers.

16 February 2018

The art of mediation

It’s a fact of working life that we get on better with some people than others – but what happens when two colleagues won’t even speak to each other?

15 February 2018

Positive signs

How Mentor brought peace of mind and improved employee engagement to London sign-maker Glyphics.

15 February 2018

Government cracks down on unpaid internships

The government is starting to get tough on employers that offer unpaid internships, it has emerged. So far, the government has sent 550 warning letters to companies and is reportedly establishing enforcement teams to pursue repeat offenders.

14 February 2018

The gig economy is up: better rights for workers

The government’s eagerly awaited response to the Taylor review has now been published, and it seems as though it’s not just the gig economy that’s in for a shake-up.

12 February 2018

Ringing the changes

According to new research by hearing aid manufacturer Oticon, as many as 21% of people in Britain could be suffering from tinnitus, a condition characterised by a ringing, buzzing or persistent noise in their ears.

12 February 2018

Vehicles as a weapon training

A survey by Fleet Source has found that, despite the threat of terrorist incidents using a ‘vehicle as a weapon’ (VAAW), 74% of commercial drivers report being offered little to no training in preventing their vehicles from being stolen and used in an attack.

12 February 2018

How employers can clamp down on bullying and harassment

Unacceptable workplace behaviour has barely been out of the headlines recently, and businesses that fail to address any such problem risk loss of morale, productivity and reputation – not to mention hefty legal bills.

12 February 2018

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